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‘Awikiwiki (5x5)


oil on wood, 2018
5 in x 5 in
mini easel included
can be hung on the wall from hook on back
shown as a dyptich with "Double 'Ilima"
Contact Tiffany's Art Agency (808-747-5882) for more information

A member of the pea family, canavalia is a tropical vine with twisting branches. Known throughout central and south America from about 50 species, those native to Hawai`i are endemic to these islands. Hawaiians called it ‘awikiwiki (AH-veekee-veekee) in reference to its quick growing nature. This species is found primarily in open, dry sites and has silvery hairs that reflect sunlight and allow it to retain moisture. It assists in other plants’ uptake of nutrients such as nitrogen in poor soils characteristic of the islands. Canavalia pubescens is threatened by species such as alien cattle and deer within the remnant native ecosystems that once thrived across leeward areas.