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Kokia (5.5x5.5)


oil on wood, 2018
5.5 in x 5.5 in
mini easel included
can be hung on wall with a hook on back
shown as a dyptich with "Wiliwili"
Contact Tiffany's Art Agency (808-747-5882) for more information

Kokia (Koh-KEE-ah) is an endemic Hawaiian species that is only found in in dry forests found on rough lava in North Kona on Hawai`I Island. It is an endangered tree (Kokia drynarioides) that grows up to 25+ feet with distinct heart shaped leaves and scarlet curved flowers. The slightly curved flowers filled with large amounts of nectar are adapted for pollination by birds with a curved beak such as the endemic (extinct) Hawaiian honey-eaters. The species and its dryland habitat are threatened by introduced weeds, fire, drought, cattle and rats. Currently only five trees are known in the wild yet many are currently grown successfully in cultivation to help recover the species.