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Pohole (5x5)

$200.00 / Sold Out

oil on wood, 2018
5 in x 5 in
mini easel included
can be hung on the wall from hook on back
shown as a dyptich with "Hōlei"

A world-wide fern genus of about 400 species, three endemic species are represented in Hawai`i including pohole (Poh-HO-lay). It is a dominant understory fern with grooved fronds covered with long, dark-brown silky hairs. Hawaiians ate the uncooked fiddle heads and the young fronds often with poi or freshwater shrimps (`ōpae), and they are still gathered in the forests today, making for a tasty salad green. Ka i`a lauoho loloa o ka `āina is translated as “the long-haired fish of the land.”