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Wiliwili (5.5x5.5)


oil on wood, 2018
5.5 in x 5.5 in
mini easel included
can be hung on wall with a hook on back
shown as a dyptich with "Kokia"
Contact Tiffany's Art Agency (808-747-5882) for more information

The wiliwili (WILL-ee-WILL-ee), or “twisted-twisted” tree grows in the dry, leeward zones of the Hawaiian Islands. The flowers used in Hawaiian traditional medicine are orange, yellow, green and sometimes white, while the orange-red seeds are still strung into necklaces or lei. Wiliwili wood is light weight and was fashioned into surfboards as well as booms and floats (known as outriggers) for Hawaiian canoes. Wiliwili is celebrated in Hawaiian song. A well-known chant warns that when the tree flowers, that is the time when the shark-god bites.