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Inheritance, Maui Nui (42x42)


oil on linen
42 in x 42 in
Includes white floater frame

"Inheritance, Maui Nui" depicts five rare species of Maui, Moloka`i and Lana`i Islands.  (From outer to inner: the koa butterfly, Udara blackburni; the rare Haleakala fern, Athyrium haleakalae, with 300 remaining ion the wild; the haha Cyanea macrostegia of Lana`i, East and West Maui; the makou, Peucedanum sandwicense, and the extremely rare na`u, Gardenia brighamii known from only a few trees on Lana`i and West Maui)  The work references our planet with little known Hawaiian species of the sea cliffs, mountain bogs and dry forests. Together they comprise the interconnected fabric of life among the Hawaiian archipelago often referred to as the world's epicenter of species extinction.