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Shipping containers (24x48)


Oil and acrylic emulsion (crackle) on linen, 2016
24 in x 48 in
gallery wrapped, ready to hang
Contact Tiffany's Art Agency (808-747-5882) for more information

"Shipping containers" is part of the Agents of Change series which presents both living and non-living catalysts of environmental change which have rapidly transformed the physical and social environment of Hawai`i. As the most isolated archipelago on earth (2,000 miles from the nearest continent), Hawaii's plants and animals evolved in isolation from mainland predators, thereby losing their chemical (scents) and natural defenses like thorns and making them vulnerable to sheep, goats and other hoofed mammals. Now with the advent of the shipping industry that our native environments are subject to newly introduced invasive plants. Shipping is also the lifeline to so many of our conveniences and essentials like food and household goods. In the work "Shipping containers," the industry is reduced to its smallest form, as an almost "cellular" unit.