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The Promise (36 in x 24 in)


oil on acrylic and wood, 2020
36 in x 24 in
Includes black floater frame
Contact the Middle East Institute for more information at 202-785-1141 or info@mei.edu

Responding to the global health crisis of COVID-19, The Promise critiques the disjoined experiences of the United States and the Middle East. Resting above the water and below a dove, the ship representing the United States is filled with medical professionals tending to a patient while physically upholding the Statue of Liberty. Below the water, a small raft holds so many people that several fall out and are seen at the bottom of the composition in orange life-jackets. Despite the jarring disparity between the ships, the virus microbes travel unhindered between regions. Chimera highlights the reality of a undiscriminating pandemic against the backdrop of war, immigration and wealth disparity.